Drawings from the first session

Here are the Broken Telephone drawings - each set of drawings started off as one of the works from the FRAC Pays de la Loire collection. The artwork was looked at, memorised, drawn from memory, and that drawing passed on to the second player, who then memorises the drawing, draws it from memory and so on.

Series starting with Thomas Huber - Stellage, 2002

Series starting with Michel Sanejouand - Calligraphie d'humeur, 1971

Series starting with Markus Raetz - Profil, 1987

Series starting with Emmanuel Pereire - Sans titre, sans date

Dominique Arel - Ariane, 1984

Series from Johan Muyle - Eh bien dansez maintenant, 1990

Series from Emmanuel Pereire - sans titre, sans date

Series from Henk Visch - Sans Titre, 1984

Series from Mick Peter - Not Mary, 2012

Series from Nick Evans - Anti-Autonome (Princess), 2010

Series after an image of a Hopi Kachina figure